ATM Solutions for My Business

Your ATM has a minimum 10%pa return on your investment, however returns can be as high as 20%pa!

The Benefits
Having an ATM inside your business brings about lots of side benefits but it can be a hassle with another company having ownership and control over it. Owning an ATM in your business brings about the same benefits along with a strong return on your money and the control you need as a business owner to allow it to assimilate naturally in your space.

  Increase foot traffic in your business by up to 50%

  Avg 20% increase in spend by your customers

  Help you avoid EFTPOS fees

  There are considerable tax benefits – consult a professional for individual advice

  It’s a low risk and proven investment with a physical product you can touch and feel

Your ATM’s Promise

  Your ATM offers a minimum 10% return, however can be as high as 20%pa

  Our ATM’s are the benchmark in the independent ATM industry

  We can help you access cashflow positive financing options if required